Developing leadership through


Complexity is the central term for executives of the future.

A lot of people talk about it. Only a few know what it means exactly. And supposedly a mere ten per cent of people in western culture are able to gauge the complexity and requirements of leadership that are necessary for successful management in a digitalized world. The same is true for politicians who need to be able to act in critical situations. The necessary cognitive skills can be strengthened in Ego-Development Coaching, also known as Leadership Development Coaching.

Ego-Development or Leadership Development Levels (LDLs) – what does that mean?

Ego-Development is a scientific concept of developmental psychology that has been used for decades in the US. It refers to the specific patterns with which individuals perceive and interpret themselves, others and their surroundings, thus giving significance to their world. It is also called maturity-development or Leadership Development Levels (LDLs). Maturity can be measured through US psychologist Jane Loevinger’s highly complex test.

How do LDLs differ from other tests?

There are various personality tests that in most cases evaluate only single personality traits. Ego development, however, evaluates the logic of action. It is not about skills, neither what people are able to do, nor behavioural preferences (personality aspects), but rather how they are able to perceive, think and comprehend which patterns they can make.

How do LDLs correlate with leadership?

Late development levels are especially helpful for successful “complex leadership” – meaning the necessity of innovation, as well as the ability to cooperate on the one hand and to make decisions in critical situations on the other. It is no longer about matching task and personality types (“playing by personality”,) but about development – one’s own and that of others.

Ego-Development is suitable for people who intuit that one’s consciousness can be expanded. People who feel the need to take their intellectual and spiritual development to the next level. Companies too may send their executives. Tests, however, need to be voluntary and their results are entirely confidential.

Christina Löwe is one of the few coaches in Germany who are LDL licensed.