Understanding people in order to
negotiate issues.

Negotiation Management

Negotiating interests and motives

Both at work and in our private lives, we have to engage, sometimes hold back, position ourselves and defend our own interests. However, it is not only the quality and content of our arguments that determine whether we succeed or fail in the negotiation.

It is rather the parties involved and their interests and motives that shape the work in projects and teams or determine the course of salary negotiations or business dealings. This is where our work is supporting your starts.

Negotiating through cooperation, not confrontation

For us, negotiations are only in the rarest of cases purely confrontational – we rather view them as a process of cooperatively balancing the interests of all parties involved while taking into account their motives. In our work, we distinguish whether the objective is to primarily achieve a balance of interests or to improve our clients’ position and boost their assertiveness.

Using our expertise in organisational development and negotiation management, we support processes of change and adaptive performances as well as effective leadership and cooperation.