At the heart of our work lies a profound interest in the individual and the fundamental issues of life.

We combine expertise in depth psychology with the knowledge of challenging career fields.

Where necessary, we consult highly qualified experts: Coaches with complimentary focal points, cognitive behavioural therapists, psychoanalysts, organisation developers etc.

Christina Löwe

Training and expertise

  • Personality and Potential Development
  • Leadership Development Levels, developmental-psychological training after J.D. Loevinger, certified by Dr. Thomas Binder
  • Training in Communication Psychological Models, High Profiling @Dr. Martin Hertkorn
  • One year Advanced training in Group Dynamics, @Teamworks
  • Advanced training in Conflict Counselling
  • 2 years education in Systemic Consulting, @Berlin Institute for Family Therapy, certified
  • 4 years Psychoanalytical Self-Experience and Teaching Supervision
  • Systemische Beratung, Berliner Institut für Familientherapie, zertifiziert
  • 12 years experience in Psychological Negotiation Management and Personal Positioning in politics and industry